Dir. Greg W. Locke, 2015, 112 mins., BW, Art House Dramedy

Forever Into Space is a New York City-set dramedy written, directed, edited,
photographed and produced by Greg W. Locke and starring Kelly Sebastian,
Tyler Evan Rowe, Oliver Fetter, Julianna Pitt and Jaz Valentino. It was written,
planned, filmed and edited beginning in February of 2013 and ending
in March of 2014. The film played at festivals around the world in 2015,
receiving a significant amount of press and three "Best Picture" nominations.

Dir. Greg W. Locke, 2011, 93 mins., BW, Art House Music Documentary

We follow Lee Miles, a struggling singer/songwriter working his way through
both personal setbacks and health problems, as he navigates through
another year as an out-of-time artist who can't find his way out of the
mud. Along the way we meet his friends, fans and band mates, hear his
songs, go on tour, get a look at his city and learn that our hero has a
personally relevant - and quite grand - new project in the works.

Dir. Greg W. Locke, 2012, 3 mins., Color, Actor Reel

This footage was shot in New York City just before
Superstorm Sandy with the intent of making a music
video for a Jon Keller song called "Ghosts." The footage
is the result of the first of a planned three-day shoot.
The music video was abandoned due to issues caused
by Superstorm Sandy. I produced, directed, edited
and shot this video in the fall of 2012.

"Too Many Days"
Dir. Greg W. Locke, 2009, 7 mins., BW, Short Film / Music Video

A short film I shot, wrote, directed, edited and produced
in support of the track "Too Many Days" from emcee
Sankofa's final album, Just Might Be. Features Sankofa
and Jeff Landis. Filmed in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
One of the first films I made.

Dir. Greg W. Locke, 2013, 4.5 mins., Color, Music Video

Guerilla Tourist Film #5: New York City. Shot in 2012.
Filmed, edited and directed by Greg W. Locke. Shot this
with a borrowed Canon PowerShot SD780 IS while I was
out and about after first moving to NYC. The song "Hope
and Depression," by Jon Keller.

Dir. Greg W. Locke, 2010, 4 mins., BW, Music Video

No-budget music video I produced, directed, edited and filmed
in late 2010, when I was still teaching myself how to produce film/video.
Music by the great post-rockers Metavari. I directed, edited,
shot and produced this video using a borrowed Canon
PowerShot SD780 IS.